winter weight

“A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.” – Aesop

wake it up and shake it up

by sarah barrett lepore


Since December my stress coping skills have included french fries, beer, chocolate, chips, cheese, and a resounding YES to anything “buffalo” flavored. If it’s a truffle fry, its especially mine. One day for lunch all I had was a milk chocolate bar with pretzels in it. Mind you, I ENJOY eating “healthy” and have my entire life. I’ve gone decades with no desire for junk food. Have wanted real food that drops from the trees and grows from the soil, never really loved sweets, and only eat dark chocolate. My big indulgence is GOOD BREAD and quality BUTTER (mmmmmm). As a matter of fact, my family still jokingly repeats my mantra during a meal, “how does that make you feel?” Food I eat might not always be good for me, but I don’t eat it without full awareness. Geez, I used to want to gain weight just for the “game” of losing it. WEIRD, right? Right.

This winter was all about indulging. There’s heightened stress here in Ventura along with most everywhere. With the community grief from the Thomas Fire – rebuilding after a fire is uprooting and grueling for a community. Now we have mudslides causing regular evacuations every time it rains, seems like weekly school shootings prompting “when do I buy an RV, drive around the country and home school” questions, not to mention OUTRAGE running underneath the gun topic, politics in general, throw in the daily routines of making sure the child is healthy, happy, fed and bathed, the pets feel loved, the babysitter is lined up because we don’t live near family (another pulling heart string), the social life is groovy, the fridge has stuff to eat, and a general sense of rolling with the punches. PHEW deep breath. As far as I can tell, most days life is tough for all of us.

During this most stressful December through March, I’ve kept up with self care practices like meditation, writing, seeing clients, learning guitar and attending the occasional yoga class, but the food intake has been all about CRAP. (Needless to say, been feeling pretty crappy this year. Bah-dum-dah.) The weight of the stress has translated into physical weight, which is a common phenomenon. Bottom line, I’m a woman who feels fat. No so original you say? OK, I’m a bodymind personal trainer who feels fat. UT-OH, don’t think THAT’S allowed. Been sluggish, tired, unmotivated, a little zitty, feel old, weary and like staying in bed. Could be the solar flares, Super Moons, Blood Red Moon, could be the high political climate, more school shootings (because it’s worth mentioning twice) could be the Flat Earthers, could be premenoupause hormones, or it could be the food intake. Whatever it is, I want to numb myself from the madness. Food helps. It tastes GOOD. It’s comforting. It doesn’t care if you lay around or workout. It even STAYS WITH YOU literally, if you let it. I’m with Julia Child who says “people who love food are the best people.” AND at the same time, it doesn’t jive with my flow to feel this way. Something’s got to give. Winter, I SURRENDER! Winter weight, you must GO!

ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST! AT LAST, SPRING is upon us! As far as I’ve learned through study and observation, this particular seasonal transition is the most opportunistic time to be reminded about the power of SELF CARE and GRACE. Think about it, are baby chicks, eggs and bunny rabbits symbols of being strict, judgemental and fierce? Bringing that sweet ease and gentleness to yourself allows forgiveness (for the beers and fries), trust in the process, and the motivation to do your best on the next attempt. We’re as healthy as our last meal, we’re as strong as our last workout. (fun fact: Meditation doesn’t have those measurements, any meditation is good meditation.) Let Spring bring to us to an ORGANIC UNFOLDING. Grace and ease will still help you arrive at your destination, no critical self-punishment necessary. Spring can encourage us to open up gently into the newness, out of the winter hibernation and gradually sprout our new ideas, our new digs, even our new haircuts or images to strut. Whatever it is you’d like to have in your life, allow it to feel like a CELEBRATION and not a deprivation. Let Spring awaken your CORE, let the fire ignite and your energy spark, propelling you toward whatever you most desire in this life.

During a private session at Chakra Strength I listen to you. We identify the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals, provide you with mind and movement tools to get through those tougher moments, and above all help you build STRENGTH toward new habits which can bring your creative visions to reality. Change is possible, guidance is here, and humor is mandatory. NOW it’s time to WAKE UP from the sleep, SHAKE UP your old ways, and say WOW, THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN! Can you dig it?!

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