having heart

“the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt


by sarah barrett lepore

Opening the channel between the heart and the head is a large task in our current life pace. We typically aren’t taught to listen to our hearts with much regard. We allow the almighty brain to rule our every decision, big or small. The rational thinking mind is so valued, and of course it’s valuable, however there must be opportunity to allow the heart to lead alongside the brain. Besides, don’t you get exhausted quickly from overthinking or lamenting over something? It’s like mental masturbation. Although there’s something alluring about sitting and pondering in only my headspace about one topic in depth, truly when I take that question down into my heart and listen closely, the answer is ALWAYS there and the strictly rational aspect falls away, like MAGIC!

We in our culture tend to slow down or even stop when the heart wants change, so we lament in our heads only, where we are safe and sound, in the illusion of control. That is, until our hearts go so long without being heard that the energy required to live every day taps into our physical energy stores. The spiritual and emotional wells run dry because they’re not getting heard or fed, so our beings have no choice but to sap energy from our bones, our tissues, our organ systems, etc. Physical symptoms and disease processes arise, and we turn to a quick fix from the medical industry rather than see what it is our bodies really might be telling us about how to do this life.


Bottom line, we’re scared of making the changes that our hearts tell us to make. So, we shove that heart voice away and numb ourselves through life, all the while enduring physical symptoms of aches, pains, and ailments big and small. We live in fear of change, fear of disappointing others, fear or financial hardship, fear of not being good enough- that’s a big one. We walk around like zombies surviving on stimulants for pseudo-energy ranging from too much coffee to amphetamine addiction, forcing our bodies and minds to stay committed to decisions we set in place years ago. The path those decisions set in place may have been perfect with the information we had at the time,  though with every birthday we are graced with so much more information about this world. Instead of serving a self-inflicted life sentence by grasping tight to a past definition of ourselves, we could be evolving, forgiving our mistakes, and experiencing the joy of reinventing ourselves, aka living according to what our hearts desire. Freedom is only an illusion to the one with a chained up heart.

You’ve heard it before, the only constant in life is change. By the time 7 years passes, our bodies have been completely regenerated. We are essentially new beings on a cellular level, physically reinvented. If the external input stays the same – if our thoughts, habits, religion, friendships, parenting approaches, careers, where we live, or even our political affiliations are never questioned, then our inner world will not transform. The body guides us to renew, and if we don’t, we will gradually and ultimately feel stuck, for true happiness can not be experienced or expressed with a stifled heart. 


The heart chakra expresses your emotional world. We are electromagnetically connected to one another at our hearts through the universal experience of love, a language spoken by all spiritual traditions. One of the amazing things about heart energy is that it’s the first of the lower chakras not confined to distance and time. We do not need to be in the same space physically to feel the power and energy emanating to and from one’s heart.

Contemplate a few things about how you manage your heart energy:

  • What guides your decision making- your feelings or your thoughts, your instinct or your intellect?
  • Can you locate in your body where your drive for passion and happiness are sourced?
  • How do you express love? Is it free with “no strings attached” or do you give love expecting to receive?
  • Do you carry resentment toward yourself or others? How’s that working for ya?
  • What does your self-care ritual look like? How do you refill your energy stores?

We humans are made up of energy circuitry, and have a limited amount of energy available in a day. If you’re leading with motivations created to please your tribe rather than your individual journey, note that. If you’re leading with motivations created to please only your partner, note that. If you’re leading with motivations created to please only your bank account, only your children, only your boss, only your rational mind, note that. Every decision we make runs through our entire energy circuit, through every chakra, before it manifests in the outside world.  Finding the truth of what motivates us and taking action to live according to our current desires can help us experience true health and energetic happiness.

Be brave, for on the other side of courage is freedom. When you live with your heart in alignment with your head you’re doing your part to make the world a more peaceful place. We all could use a lot more peace in the world these days. What do you have to lose?

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