let’s face it: we are vibrating beings.

by sarah barrett lepore, founder

You know you’ve sensed a “vibe” from people at one time or another. Maybe you sense this vibrational energy all the time, or maybe you don’t ever, but you’ve likely heard the term. The truth is, and this is proven science, that every piece of matter is made up of vibrating atoms. Some matter vibes on a low frequency, like a piece of furniture. Plants and animals vibrate on a higher frequency still. Humans vibrate on the highest frequency of all, well, some humans. We all have times where we have a “hitch in the giddyup”…and that’s when we’re vibing on a lower vibrational level. The atoms vibrating are attracted to like-frequencies. So, when you’re low, you’ll likely attract low, and when you’re vibing high, the same type will be magnetized toward you. Think Newton. So, what’s this have to do with circles?

Strictly speaking there are hundreds of chakras in our body’s subtle energy fields, but here we’re focused on the popular Seven. Chakras are spiraling circular vibrational energy centers in key parts of our bodies. They contain so much magnetic vibration that they constantly move in swirling circles. Each chakra correlates to an organ system, an emotional or psychological quality, a color and a musical note or sound. Life’s traumas and turmoils, when not given space to process, can bring blockages to the circular chakra movement. When this happens, many times over small silly stuff, this energy in turn creates physical symptoms. There are many things to explore when one delves into their own chakra system. The Chakra Strength series offered this Jan 2016 is an ideal place to begin.

Enjoying your personal Chakra Strength is a fun way to still maintain your fast paced life yet have an edge in knowing “where you are” at all times. You can be in tune with your body centers while driving a car, watching tv, or at a family holiday party. You can learn to resource your own body wisdom rather than using a lifeline to call a friend, or have that third drink. Friends and drinks are great, don’t get me wrong! It’s all about how you use the tools available to you. You have within you the skills and wisdom to soar. Get out of your way and let it happen.

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