our values

our values are inspired by the chakras themselves


Chakra Strength helps our clients establish a strong foundation for new found inner peace and a strong center. Just like the ROOT chakra represents the strength that emanates from your center and how you choose to move through the world, the strength of your center is the foundation of your mindbody health. This work equates to core work. At Chakra Strength, every private session and group class builds your core. Our clients aren’t just physically strengthening their core, they are strengthening the foundation of their entire physical and emotional well being.


During your Chakra Strength training session, we delve in to the importance of CONNECTION within our bodies and our relationships, both intimate and social. Working to build strength in the vast and powerful pelvic floor supports how we engage with ourselves and in our relationships. As we begin to truly release the blocking patterns we hold in our pelvic floors, we can open up to the power, the passion, and the freedom contained in this energy center of the body. At Chakra Strength, once a safe foundation is established, we allow the pelvic floor to shake, wiggle, squat, dance and have a voice. We provide a safe space to do these exercises which can support your ability to connect to yourself and others in an empowered way.


Chakra Strength utilizes each chakra to build upon one another offering a way to strengthen and learn about yourself in relation to the world. To incorporate the work of the Third Chakra we check-in with your personal level of confidence in the world. How confident are you when you meet a stranger, talk with your best friend, or your life partner? Do you have body confidence no matter what shape your body currently exhibits? We love the use of free weights, bench press, leg work and challenging balance poses to support confidence building and spark the fire in one’s psyche.


To breathe is to live! At Chakra Strength we incorporate the elements of the Fourth Chakra, the HEART, in utilizing the breath with every meditation, every exercise set, and expanding your cardiovascular strength. Here in our heart center we embrace the opportunity to breathe deeply, feel the strength of our beating hearts, and experience inner peace.



Chakra Strength is all about building growth opportunities! We are provided the space to speak, to sound, and to build trusting relationships through the skill of communication. Just as we set goals with any project, we also identify specific, measureable goals for your work at Chakra Strength. We use the wisdom of the Fifth Chakra to communicate with each other, individual or in groups, identifying desired outcomes and ideal manifestations of your work. Communication is a vital and essential aspect to Chakra Strength, and we value every word.


If any of you have forced yourself through an exercise program, whether Cross Fit or a video on YouTube, you understand the power of digging deep to find your disciplined self. Chakra Strength offers the setting for you to dig deep with every growing edge, emotionally and physically. We refer to this Sixth Chakra, or Third Eye energy center as one to revisit daily. When we undertake any body transformation program, every meal, every relationship, every commitment we make, we must check in and remind ourselves of the direction in which we’re heading so we build upon the vision we have for ourselves. Chakra Strength will support you on this journey, and guide you, help reroute your map, or support your desire to explore one spot for a spell.


Alas, the culmination of each level of the Chakra system has a destination in the spiritual world. At Chakra Strength, when we can establish our core strength at the foundation, and build internally and externally upon each level, we gradually begin to open our minds to a clarity, simplicity, and joy-filled life in which to embrace experiences on a grander scale. Life brings us opportunities to grow. Chakra Strength provides the tools to learn how to enjoy the journey.