“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”

Bruce Lee

roots on fire

by sarah barrett lepore

This New Year’s Day catches our County after a devastating fire that destroyed over 700 homes and still counting. The Thomas Fire fiercely and swiftly caused our collective roots to literally burn up in smoke. Forever imprinted in our history is a December of great loss and sadness combined with the miracle of resiliency and strength. Now we come together sharing resources and building relationships, a community bonding like these generations haven’t before seen.

Natural disasters completely crush the structure of our lives uprooting any sense of prior safety. It brings us to our knees, to pray, to beg, to face the underbelly of reality that is no longer hidden in the background or passed off as “someone else’s problem.” It’s happening to us, and there’s no other way to go but forward. We don’t get over it, we don’t get around it, we get through it, one step at a time and TOGETHER.

Currently, the task is clearly laid upon us to surrender and rebuild. The process of letting go shows us in this day of materialistic culture even more vividly that life is not about what we own. What my hospice clients would tell me, which I trust we all know on some level, is that the most important things in life we can’t take with us. Invariably these are the things that can only be felt and not seen. The connections we make in other souls, those of family members, friends, strangers, and pets build an unseen network of strength and love within us. The legacy of our creative pursuits and goodwill also leaves behind the proof of life’s gift. Of course, the physical plane matters, for if you don’t have your physical health none of these pleasures and pursuits can truly be enjoyed or built upon.

Join us at the new Chakra Strength to build and maintain your strength, physically and energetically. This year we have several offerings for all ages, individuals and groups. We’re looking forward to taking the steps to plant and grow new roots, with resiliency and grace, TOGETHER.


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