go with the flow

“travel brings power and love back to your life.”


using vacation to touch your crown

by sarah barrett lepore, founder

The past month I’ve been spending some time away from normal daily life. It’s been quite a whirlwind of various routines, meals, sleeping arrangements, hygienic habits, and just plain MOVING. In this stint of back to back travels from long road trips to airplane rides, one thing surfaces as a takeaway…the energy from the Crown is constantly there.

The Seventh Chakra is located on the top center of your head. The energy field here connects us to a space-less, timeless place not of the physical plane. It is here we connect to Universal Consciousness and discover that we are indeed “all one.” Here we realize that at the end of the day, there is no difference between me and you, and we all basically get along and are connected on a grand scale. Wisdom and spirituality live here, for it is the stuff of purple cosmic divine Source, or whatever you’d like it named, you know what I mean.

While travelling, there is a primary attitude which needs to be in place which is to “go with the flow.” If not, your precious vacation time will be tormented with disappointment, high blood pressure, stress and frustration. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Bringing this awareness to home life can be super beneficial! Instead of going on auto-pilot and missing the miracles, signs and symbols that the Universe offers us constantly, we can remember how we surrendered to the flow of vacation “chaos.” In normal life we refuse to “go with the flow” because we have to stick to our schedules. Then we take for granted the people around us with different stories of their own and the wonderful food we sit in front of every day, or the sweetness in the sunshine on our cheeks, or the joy in our kid’s new learning, or even the peace that exists in the moment of getting a red light… in our routines we stay in the tunnel vision of the physical plane. On vacation we tap into the upper chakras of wisdom and flow.

Use your vacation time to practice tapping into your upper chakras, and find that it’s so important to:

  1. Take moments on a regular basis to anchor your consciousness in the bigger picture.
  2. Work every day to find commonalities rather than differences among all the people we encounter.
  3. Remember where we’re all from, and someday where we will all return.

After all, through all of our life’s travels, we are each more alike than we are different.

With this I say happy trails, relax, and enjoy the unknown path ahead through the Summer of ’17!

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