showing up

“The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.”

— Lao-tzu

life happens

by sarah barrett lepore, founder

We know all too well that we, aka our bodymind, can certainly be transformed due to surprise life tragedies as well as life’s blessings. Life happens to us, we didn’t ask to be here (or did we? But I digress…). So, in the meantime, why not let our heavy self-talk get out of the way and experience our bodies to the fullest? Let’s truly quiet the mind and listen to what the body is saying. What’s to fear? Chances are, the body wants luxuriousness like deep sleep, clean water, fresh air and to feel alive. Where is the disconnect? Why do we literally carry around the weight of the world, when we don’t really have to and it does nobody any good? It’s not like you’re the President of the United States, and even so, I’d challenge her to be mindful of her body listening. We all have something to learn from listening, slowing down our thoughts, and showing up.

Chakra Strength offers Intentional Transformation. This is the type of soul work that begins with making a plan and showing up. It doesn’t happen to you, you cultivate it, it’s on purpose. You have to show up. Make your body and mind best friends with each other. Commit to your best friend, make plans with your best friend, and don’t bail on your best friend. It’s totally hip to live in alignment, shame-free, excuse-free, above the ego, and guided from your center. Strengthen those muscles which build within you an unconditional, forgiving, powerful, beautiful, silly, joyous BESTIE!

I know, the words “commitment” and “discipline” strike a chord straight to your third grade teacher that makes you want to rebel against that rule with all of your might! That’s why we’re here. We have boxing gloves (we really DO have boxing gloves). You can literally PUNCH OUT that part of you that hates discipline and commitment. We can strike out the part of commitment that bring you fear and a feeling of deprivation. Actually, we despise deprivation! There is no solid evidence that meal replacing with fake food shakes and fake food bars is even good for you. You don’t need a cleanse! Nothing in this world will work or sustain or provide lasting inner strength for you if it requires 1. Starvation and deprivation 2. A fasting coach to call when you’re starved and deprived or 3. A monthly bill for $400 to maintain the starvation and deprivation! It’s wonderful marketing and super cool packaging under the guise of health, and it’s all a crock. Don’t become a dependent on the 28-day cleanse. It’s not real food, it’s not real living, and it’s not sustainable. More importantly, it’s not SELF LOVE.

So, if you do have issues with commitment, let’s dance. Let’s look a little deeper into your FOUNDATION and CONNECTION chakras. Let’s tease out the edges that prevent you from expanding and growing past your comfort zone. Just a little at a time, taking steps where you can build your power and find that it’s not really discipline after all, it’s FREEDOM.

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