strength training energy work

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”-Buddha

learn to strengthen yourself from the inside out

Working with Sarah Barrett Lepore is a path to safely uncover the fears and blocks that prevent you from experiencing true freedom in your body and mind. When these blocks are named, the emotional energy they consume is cleared away, and inner resources are built to move forward with clarity and peace. Bring consciousness to your workouts! 

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At Chakra Strength, Sarah “meets you where you are.”

Maybe you aren’t about any “hokey-pokey energy stuff” but you want a straight forward strength training session.

Perhaps you have little or no experience with meditation, and want to learn more about it.

You might feel an urge to take a new approach in accomplishing your personal or business goals.

Maybe you want a diagnosis of where your energy is going, and tools to help reel it back in.

A general session with Sarah includes 15 minutes of listening/meditation, 30 minutes of personal training/yoga/stretching, and 15 minutes of Reiki with light energy healing to “seal in” the work you’ve done while resting on the SoSounds ART (Acoustic Resonsance Therapy) bed.

This work is right for you if any of the following apply:

  • you have tried the Boot Camp workouts and are done beating up your body
  • you experience high stress, panic attacks, anxiety or depression
  • you have tried talk therapy for years and nothing has changed in your life
  • you dislike your body, have body pain, or just don’t know where to start with movement exercises
  • you use excess food, sex, drugs, alcohol and are ready to shift from excess to moderation
  • you are curious about spirituality and meditation
  • you feel tired and empty inside, and are just going through the motions, lacking passion or zest for life

Her goal is to guide people to gently see their own blocks, and to facilitate creation of their own strength so that they may know intuitively how to turn their struggles into gold. At Chakra Strength, we are working with ALCHEMY.

Sarah uses bodywork, coaching, and metaphysical tools like:

  • Personal Strength Training Exercises and yoga postures
  • Resistance Flexibility Strength Training aka “stretching”
  • the energetic healing modality Reiki, and spiritual guidance through meditation, affirmations, and visualizations
  • Tarot or intuitive guidance cards
  • Chakra Energy Healing and teaching
  • Sound Vibration Cellular Healing through Acoustic Resonance Therapy (ART).
  • She applies what she learned from her Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology to offer therapeutic coaching
  • and is studying to become a CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model) practitioner to guide individuals to build inner resourcing when battling symptoms of PTSD.

Sessions last from 60 minutes at a rate of $60 per session

add-on charge of $20 for each 15 minutes 

Sessions are either in person in Ventura, CA or Telesessions via Zoom.

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