freedom and celebration

“emancipation from the bondage of the soil
is no freedom for the tree.”
– Rabindranath Tagore

Bringing it back home to the luscious lower chakras

by sarah barrett lepore, founder

It is July 1, 2017, the beginning of the Independence Day celebration weekend. Today people from our family start to travel and arrive at the Marblehead peninsula in Ohio on the Great Lake Erie. Happy energy of freedom and summertime celebration is in the air. Today has been rainy and cloudy, muddy and very green here, and the humidity just makes everything have this heavy, glowing yummy shine. When the sun is out, and it will be this weekend, this place is just glorious.

Today I took my daughter to the elementary school where I spent seven years, K through 6th grade. Here I learned about life through BFF’s and matching outfits, lip-gloss clubs, bridged from a Brownie to a Girl Scout, breaking rules, following rules, talent shows, passing notes, sharing makeup in the bathroom, learning that boys like you when they snap your bra and push you in the bushes, and ultimately getting spit out into junior high with permed hair and tight jeans. Playing on the playground of my elementary school from 40 years earlier with my five-year-old, who starts kindergarten this Fall, threw me into contemplation. Of all the places you can travel or live, there’s nothing like when you come back home. Right now is all about reconnecting with and acknowledging those roots…reflecting on those decisions which were life-changing for good or bad, forgiving yourself or congratulating yourself, and healing yourself and celebrating, above all.

Without those roots firmly planted it’s virtually impossible to move peacefully along in life. Even if the roots were somewhat rotten or presented with more challenges than it seemed like other people had, it’s possible to rebuild no matter what age you are. In fact, it’s mandatory to see and heal those split ended tree roots in order to experience the freedom and full expression of celebration. After all, who doesn’t love a good party?

The Root Chakra, or Chakra One is about your energetic relationship to human survival: messages we learned from family about shelter, income and currency, nutrition and sustenance. Physically it encompasses your pelvic floor and extends down each leg…every movement you make comes from this place where your spine meets your pelvis. Therefore, every step you take has a bit of your history expressed – fascia remembers in your posture, in your stride, you carry with you stories of every past generation as well as your own. Our bodies and minds are wise, and though we each have different stories to tell, we all walk with an expression of our choices, past and present.

So the roots inform us with the basic earthly-existence stuff . The physical aspect of the Root Chakra literally carries the mental and emotional blueprints we inherited through nature and nurture, and this information spills over into Chakra Two, or the Sacral Chakra. The sacrum is the location that physically connects us with others through primal pleasures, as we bask in life’s beautiful and intense passionate offerings of sex and birth, bridging the sweaty, sometimes painful relationship of self to other, and ultimately where the gift of creative spirit is given life.

Something about the Fourth of July brings to mind these two intertwined chakras. The BOOM of the fireworks offers sound healing, like when you feel the beat of a large bass drum thumping in rhythm, something every person can experience in this enchanting and juicy bodymind space. Add a celebration with inter-generational family and close friends, imbibing in basic human pleasures of food, drink, music, dance and laughter, a few sparklers and suntans, and you’re feeling that RED (not to mention white and blue) and ORANGE luscious, passionate excitement of the season.

Happy Independence Day! May you feel how the firm ground beneath you forges a deep sense of connection to others and spurs your creative endeavors. Enjoy the fireworks! OHHHHHHHHH, AAAHHHHHHHHHH.



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