Chakra Strength is developed as an answer to the chaos in our minds and the ailments in our bodies

by sarah barrett lepore, founder

As our culture moves at a faster rate, we must offset this speed with intentionally slowing down and tuning in to the vast and illuminating resources we hold within. When we are able to listen to our bodies and undo the patterned messages our minds tell us, we can truly, deeply cultivate body transformation.

I get this may sound like hullabaloo or malarkey. I completely understand, and that notion is what prevented me from taking this path as a career in the first place. The truth is, I couldn’t deny the aliveness I felt after truly stopping my brain from its patterned neuropathways way of thinking, and just dropping in to my body. Whether I was 30 pounds overweight or 10 pounds underweight, once I experienced embodiment I knew there was more to explore. No matter who you are, no matter the number on the scale, you are inside searching for a way to make this connection between your thoughts and actions.

Do you realize that being fearless is really defined as existing on the other side of fear? What I mean is, one can’t embark on a journey and just gleefully throw caution to the wind and say “I’m fearless on this million mile hike!” That’s not how it works. True fearlessness exists after one goes through the fear…so, we must experience the personal doubts, internal tape recordings of our mother saying we’re just fine as we are, the idea of being in yoga pants for the first time, the sense we may imagine as we step foot into what is called a “Chakra Strength” gym (what is a Chakra anyway?)…all of those fears we must move through into order to arrive at true FEARLESSNESS. Only then can the warrior arrive and be present to embrace what life, living embodied, really has to offer. That’s when the party starts.

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