Chakra Readings, Toning, and Flower Essences Workshop

February 9, 2019

1:00PM - 3:00PM

2979 Loma Vista Rd. Ventura, CA 93003


Hayley and I have joined forces to offer the community an afternoon with Chakra Readings, Toning, and Flower Essences!

What to expect:

  • session opens with a group chakra toning exercise, and then participants break out into one of the following:
    • chakra consultation with Sarah
    • custom flower essence created for you by Hayley, based on your chakra consultation
    • chair massage session
    • sound board meditation session
    • self-directed mini vision-board creation where you allow your soul to speak through images

This offering is meant to illuminate the aspects of your self that have resided in your unconscious and are no longer needed. You will identify what inside of you is ready to be set free. Spiritual growth is a process, and we expand into to our true nature by allowing our layers to peel back slowly and organically. Using tools like flower essences and energy healing through sound, massage and vision board, you get that much more exposure to walking the path in strength, health and self confidence.

Registration required, space is limited to 6 participants.

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About Hayley: Hayley is a sound healer and flower essence practitioner from the Bay Area. She studied sound and consciousness at the Globe Institute in San Francisco, and is currently working towards her full flower essence certification with the Flower Essence Society in Nevada City. Combining the use of energy systems (Chakras), vibrational medicine, and the wisdom of nature, a beautiful ceremony can be created to shed what no longer serves and call in more of what does. The interaction between the modalities and our relationship with them allows a supportive and nourishing environment, moving towards wellness.

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