coming together

making connections

by sarah barrett lepore, founder

chakra strength has been offering a monthly open house event in effort to support local entrepreneurs, mainly women, and to foster a sense of connection and community in our city of Ventura. we’ve had four consecutive events each with different numbers in attendance, though one theme has interwoven throughout each event, one of peace and inspiration.

one of the open houses in particular was simply a tough summer date for many to come out…after all, how do we compete with a hot country band at the Fair? when it was suggested to pack up early and call it a night, the 8 ladies in attendance, 5 of them vendors, said “are you kidding? this is great, we have a chance to relax, get a massage, and least of all take a night off of making dinner…” we stayed well after 9pm that night, and the ladies networked, brainstormed, and had the space to get to know one another in a way they wouldn’t have otherwise. not many financial transactions took place that night, but something bigger and more powerful transpired. there was a chance to rest and refuel on many levels. the stress of the day dissipated, peace and joy entered.

the idea to open up the studio space for entrepreneurs came to me naturally, without hesitation and as if the space was meant to be used in this way. I have found the process to manifest any idea is always different in vision than in reality… lessons happen, learning helps to refine the process. the common denominator in bringing any idea to fruition entails activating the center of our beings, the fire of the solar plexus, the nature of the heart, and the wisdom of communication from our voice. the journey starts with taking one step…it is said that the first steps can be the hardest. now that we have embarked past the first steps, we are in flow, open to the learning and growing that is there for the taking.

the biggest compliment from last Wednesday’s open house was “this studio feels relaxing and energizing at the same time.” may we all find that space in our daily lives that help us relax and maintain energy with which to handle what life brings.

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